corrupt pseudo Republicans for Hillary - the end of the rest of democracy in USA

Republicans are NOT conservative - they are just the same establishment bullshit as the democrates and betraying the voters.
If republicans begin to vote vor Hillary, to save their established, corrupt ass, that's the end of the end of the little rest of some democracy in USA.
SHAME to all those corrupt "representatives" that are destroying the once free country.

"Republicans for Hillary is starting to emerge under the pretense that Donald Trump is not a “conservative” if you can believe that one. There have been secret meetings behind closed curtain among the Republican elite. The story they will spin is Trump is not a conservative and his anti-Mexican comments would hurt the party so support Hillary. That is about as far from the truth as anyone can get. We all know that whatever anyone says while running for President has little chance of ever happening. Ronald Reagan they said was a hawk who would start World War III. The real issue behind the curtain is simply that Trump is an outsider who would threaten their cushy jobs. Hillary is by no means a “conservative” and on that score, she is far worse than anything Trump has had to say. So what is really the story here?

It is simply that Trump is an outsider. I have written many times that John Boehner was a dictator. He threw off of every finance committee anyone who supported Ron Paul. It had nothing to do with the people they represented. His forced resignation was the start of this civil unrest within the Republican Party. But because they have banned....."


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