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Why Martin Armstrong's Film was blocked in USA, UK and Switzerland

The Story of Martin Armstrong in more details:
The FORECASTER was blocked in the USA, Switzerland, and the UK to some extent. The clever trick is a distributor buys the rights for that country, and then they refuse to show it. The three places this seems to have taken place is strangely where the banks dominate. The bankers and government really hated this film. The producer Marcus Vettor even had his studio broken into, his cameras stolen, and what they hoped was all the footage on hard drives. Fortunately, he had backup elsewhere. Every dirty trick in the book has been played. In the film, one government employee came forward, Oliver Brown. He states in the film the FBI showed up at his home 2 days before the film crew flew in from Germany to try to intimidate him into not appearing in the movie. I have also agreed to do an in-depth interview for a sequel documentary on the market manipulations which are getting more and more press to the general public. Even the success of the rece…

Advice for Trump - 16 points plan to save the USA

Econom Martin Armstrong on how to save the USA:

What advice I would give Trump: We will not raise the minimum wage, we will eliminate payroll taxes and end the borrowing from the poor robbing them of interest by handing them a refund check so they think they are specialInstead of QE for bankers, eliminate taxes and try QE for the peopleEliminate Social Security for those under 50. Pay out those over 50. Replace Social Security with mandatory 401K investment plansMerge SEC & CFTC so advisers can provide advice on the best investment rather than just what they have a license for in equities v furturesEliminate domestic corporate taxation. This will provide the incentive to bring jobs homeStop government borrowing. Limit the creation of new money to 5% of GDP (I do not want to hear that will be inflationary since QE failed to produce inflation which is all about confidence not the quantity of money). At times up to 70% of the national debt has been accumulated interest.Retire the natio…

Gehen wir knapp an einem Atomkrieg vorbei? Stichtag 29.Febr. 2016

Die Türkei und die Saudis haben Massnahmen für eine massive Invasion Syriens ergriffen mit scheinbarem Stichtag um den 29. Februar herum.
Es gab Drohungen Russland an Türkeis Erdogan.
In letzer Minute scheint ein vorläufiges Friedensabkommen zwischen USA und Russland zustandegekommen zu sein in der Syrienfrage. Aber das ist nur mal vorläufig.

Ich lehne es ab, an einen Atomkrieg wegen Syrien und Öl zu glauben F. William Engdahl Die Welt erlebte am Wochenende des 19. und 20. Februar eine Wiederholung der Kubakrise von 1962 durch die wachsende Konfrontation zwischen der NATO und Russland in Syrien. Beide Seite machten sich bereit, taktische Nuklearwaffen einzusetzen und die jeweils andere S…