government will always massacre the people to retain power

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Pondering the patterns that you have found in history, I have been mulling over the crossroads that lie in front of us in the next few years. You noted that sovereign debt crises occur about every 86 years or so. You also noted that civil disturbance goes hand in hand with those events. You also noted that it cycles between government/public to private and private to government/public. Am I understanding correctly that the civil disturbance that occurs when it flips between government/public to private is more intense than when it flips from private to government/public?
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ECM #146 1465.35 (51.6) Private Wave
ANSWER:  Yes. This is because the government is a single entity. They will fight against the people to retain power. Make no mistake about it; government will always massacre the people to retain power. All such events in history unfold when the people seek to overturn tyranny. However, there are rebellions even during public waves, but these tend to be continuations of a grievance from the previous wave. There were 69 years between the two, big English tax rebellions of 1381 and 1450. They do tend to be more intense during private waves. You will notice that.......
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