Hillary kills babies - cheers - lets vote for Hillary

Hillary is the Incarnation of  Corruption.

No matter what crimes Hillary Clinton makes, the mass media an part of blindly following people will go for her.

This is just the top of tops of corruption, mendacity and crime  incarnated in Hillary.

People who still votes for such a incarnation of corruption are partakers of that same corruption and will have to response at the very latest before God.
I'm swiss, and swiss politicians and judges too are very corrupt - but the difference is: they don't have such influence to cause wars over the entire earth or economic collapses nor do they maintain such killer commandos respectively country destabilizing agents like CIA.
If Hillary gets president, I will refuse to sell products to US citizens - as my personal consequence and responsibility, as long you americans do not get rid of this devil.

Worker Claims to Discover a Warehouse in Ohio loaded with Ballots for Hillary Already Filled Out


A story is floating around now that a worker discovered ballot boxed filled with tens of thousands of votes set up for Hillary in Ohio. No such photographs of the actual ballots have been produced so it appears that this may be a hoax. We warned that this was a developing story. There is no doubt this will be the most rigged election with all sorts of voter fraud. The fact that 2.5 million early and provisional ballots were not yet counted when the networks called the California primary for Hillary has become another reason to doubt that the media can fairly cover the race. The question of fraud in California has lingered just as it did in Florida between Bush & Gore.



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